Eye Tracking

This was a personal project - my objective was to track and replace the actor's eyes with CG eyes.

SOFTWARE USED: NukeX and Photoshop

Epic Ending

Original plate:

This shot was used in our student project, a mock movie trailer for "Zombie Holocaust". I shot the plate, which I used to create a matte painting in Photoshop. I then created separate layers for the foreground, buildings, and background sky, then comped them together with fire, smoke and other elements in Nuke.

SOFTWARE USED: NukeX and Photoshop

Destroyed City

This establishing shot was used in the independent film, "Helix". The director wanted a "futuristic, destroyed city" as seen from some distance away. I created the matte painting in Photoshop, created separate cards dividing foreground, buildings and sky elements, then comped them together with smoke elements in Nuke.

SOFTWARE USED: NukeX and Photoshop

Ghostly Encounter

The objective of this project was to composite live action with other elements that were shot separately. The ghost was shot against a black screen, and then combined with ink tank elements and other effects.

SOFTWARE USED: NukeX and Photoshop

Zombie Holocaust Trailer

This was a team project involving the students from Lost Boys Learning. We shot several scenes with the idea of adding effects and then editing them into a movie trailer. We divided the scenes up among the students. I helped shoot several of the scenes, and then composited and added effects to the final shot overlooking the valley (originally a daylight shot). I also handled all of the title graphics and editing duties for the final trailer.

SOFTWARE USED: NukeX, Photoshop and Adobe Premiere

Spoon Bending

This project combined live footage with photo-realistic modeling and animation of a CG spoon.

SOFTWARE USED: NukeX, Maya and Photoshop